Tragedy - Amazon Air Jet Crashes - 3 Dead

An Atlas Air Boeing 767 cargo plane crashed in a bay near Anahuac, Texas on Saturday afternoon with three people on board, according to multiple media reports and the Federal Aviation Administration. The flight, which was contracted to fly cargo for Amazon Air (formerly Prime Air), went down while flying to Houston from Miami. The crash is presumed to have killed all on board.

Teenager grabs controls of aircraft, almost causes crash.

Authorities say a 16-year-old boy was arrested after he briefly gained control of a small aircraft during a short commercial flight over western Alaska.

KYUK-AM reports the teen was seated in the front passenger seat of the Piper Cherokee Six on a recent Yute Commuter Service flight from Napakiak to Bethel.

Emergency landing after wind shield cracked

Flight from Chicago to London made an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada, after the plane’s windshield shattered. United blamed it on a bird strike; however, according to law suit, pilots said there’s “nothing alive at 40,000 feet.

Passenger plane returns after take off due to brawl among passengers

A plane scheduled to fly from Gold Coast, Australia to Singapore was thrown into chaos and forced to divert to Sydney less than two hours after an “unruly” passenger sparked a massive brawl.

World's biggest passenger plane finally flies from London to New York

Eleven years after it entered service, the world’s biggest passenger plane has finally been deployed on the planet’s premier long-haul route: London to New York. But the secondhand A380 will fly the route for only three weeks. The “SuperJumbo” has been chartered by Norwegian for its Gatwick-JFK operation. It is needed to cover for Boeing 787 Dreamliners which are out of service due to continuing problems with Rolls-Royce engines.

Delta passengers restrain unruly man threatening to 'take the plane down'

Two men aboard a Delta flight from Maine to Atlanta are being hailed as heroes after helping to subdue a passenger making disturbing threats.  James Tunnell, an ex-corrections officer, was aboard Delta Flight 1249 from Portland to Atlanta on Thursday, when he and his companion Ashley Decker heard another passenger causing a commotion from the rear of the aircraft. When the man locked himself in a restroom, Tunnell ran to the back of the plane, where he was joined by another man who identified himself as a member of the Coast Guard. A flight attendant provided the men with handcuffs, and the two then worked with crew to wrangle the man back into his seat.

Korean Air passenger dragged off flight, resisting several police officers

Bound passenger was reportedly dragged off a Korean Air flight from South Korea to San Francisco on Friday, allegedly because she refused to sit in her designated economy seat. In the video, the passenger can also be heard chanting “U.S. Marshall” and what sounds like “Korean Air stole my passport” as the officers pull her from what looks to be a business-class seat and push her down the aisle toward the front of the aircraft. A number of passengers also begin to applaud as she’s removed.

Plane missing since March 2014 is aviation's biggest mystery

Plane missing since March 2014 is aviation’s biggest mystery. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, missing since 2014, was probably steered off course deliberately and flown to the southern Indian Ocean, according to the Malaysian government’s safety report into the disaster. Experts mapped the Boeing 777’s course only after picking through hourly data hookups with a satellite. Extensive sonar searches of remote waters off Australia’s west coast failed to locate the wreckage. Monday’s report didn’t support either theory explicitly, but struggled to come up with a mechanical explanation for the aircraft’s deviations. A few pieces of wreckage from MH370 did wash up in Africa but no bodies have ever been recovered.

American airlines raises plane limits for extreme Phoenix heat

American Airlines is taking a proactive approach with the extreme temperatures in Phoenix. The flights were operated by Mesa Airlines and SkyWest Airlines, which operate the Bombardier CRJ 700/900 aircraft. Due to regulations, the aircraft could not depart Phoenix if the temperature was over 117.86 degrees. Within the past year, American worked with Bombardier and the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure that when the temperature rises, planes can still take off.

This is the Airbus whale-painted transport plane

A massive new transport plane from French airline Airbus smiles while it flies. Painted like an arctic whale, the brand new “BelugaXL” just completed its first successful test flight in Toulouse, France, Maxim reports. Designed to carry massive aircraft parts between France and Germany, passengers won’t be able to take a ride on one of these when they’re regularly up in the air in 2019.