At Krossblade we are working on bringing rapid aerial transport to more people. Krossblade is currently working on the concept and proof of concept of a vertical take-off transformer airplane that seats 5 people as well as a smaller drone version.





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Key Team Members

Austin Kipp

Austin is an electronics engineer.. He is an experienced rc-pilot and designer. He is also a licensed deep-sea welder. At Krossblade Austin  works on electronics, computer aided design as well as manufacturing technologies such as LASER cutting.

Daniel Lubrich

Dan is a physics PhD (Oxford University). As a scientist he built nano-machines out of DNA. Now he uses his expertise and long held passion for everything that flies to design transformer drones and airplanes. At Krossblade Dan is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He works on research, design, programming and testing.

Peter Lendermann

Peter is a physics PhD (Humboldt University Berlin). Peter is the CEO of D-Simlab, a company making software for the optimization of the flow of replacement parts for airlines and manufacturing flow in semiconductor fabs. At Krossblade Peter is an adviser.