What are the design differences between the Prowler Drone and the Cruiser?

Prowler and Cruiser are designed according to the same principles:

  1. Switchblade transformer mechanism
  2. Large slow VTOL rotors for efficient hover, small fast thruster rotors (propulsors) for efficient and fast forward flight
  3. Staggered aerodynamic surfaces to avoid aerodynamic interference between rotors and wings

There are a few differences that mostly relate to scale:

  1. SkyCruiser, in addition to its large VTOL rotors that carry its weight, also has smaller VTOL rotors. The role of these smaller rotors is to enable SkyCruiser to withstand even large gusty cross winds, as the smaller rotors can be accelerated or decelerated faster and so are better able to stabilize SkyCruiser in hover and during transition. SkyProwler, smaller, does not need this additional set of rotors
  2. SkyCruiser, in order to maximize passenger space, folds ALL of its VTOL arms (the beams holding the VTOL rotors and motors) backwards, into the crafts tail. The arms are all attached near SkyCruisers center of gravity, above and below the wing, giving it an X configuration while hovering. The Prowler on the other hand has an H configuration, meaning the VTOL arms are attached at the front and back of the drone respectively.