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We generally work to serve earlier orders first, however "simpler" orders without camera, or with the ProAm 1080p60 instead of the 4K Pro camera are easier for us to fulfill and this can change the timing of pre-order fulfillment.

Current orders - placed today - are fulfilled within an estimated time frame of approximately 4 weeks for the 1080p60 cam and approximately 8 weeks for the 4K Pro camera. To make up for the wait, we offer you a discount coupon, please sign up to get the code before you order.

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SkyProwler VTOL Transformer UAV
from 2,599.00

All (Basic and Video) Variants

Basic and Video Units come with radio ground station for pilot control and can also be configured for autonomous missions and a host of different flight modes using the downloadable ground control software suite.

The video variant includes a 3D gimbal stabilized 1080p60 camera - which can be further upgraded below - and a video screen coupled to the radio ground station.

SkyProwler VTOL Transformer UAV Airframe and Avionics

  • Composite body
  • 32 bit flight controller (based on Pixhawk)
  • VTOL motors + thruster motors
  • Electronic speed controllers (ESC)
  • Aircraft tail & copter tail
  • Interchangeable nose cone
  • Removable wings
  • Navigational lighting
  • GPS module

Software and Firmware

  • Flight control firmware
  • Ground control software

Included Control Devices

  • 2.4 GHz channel hopping radio ground station
  • 2.4GHz SBus compatible long range radio receiver
  • 433 or 915 MHz telemetry radio

SkyProwler is shipped almost fully assembled.

Video Variants

The following only applies to the Video Variants!

Included Video/Photo Equipment

  • Eye Cam ProAm edition (1080p60igs) with integrated gimbal stabilization (upgrade to 4K Pro and 4K ProX below)
  • Integrated micro-SD card slot for on board recording
  • 5.8GHz live video down-link for first person view flying (FPV) - requires Android device


Please consult the terms and conditions for estimated delivery dates.


We offer you the possibility of partial payments, useful for example if your credit card company imposes a daily limit on your purchases. Please use the partial payment option at the bottom of this store to make a partial payment. Please let us know during check out what the partial payment is for and please note that your order is not complete until the full amount due has been received by us. If you make partial payments, please ensure to include the correct shipping cost in one of them so that shipping costs are covered for the overall package. Please note that your shipping date is determined by your final payment, completing the required amount, not by your first payment. Thank you!

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Telemetry Radio Frequency

Select your telemetry radio frequency according to the area/region/country in which you will fly your SkyProwler in. If you are in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can pick 915 MHz. If you are in continental Europe or the UK, please pick 433 MHz. For more details please visit out:

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Eye Cam Upgrades
from 499.00

Pro Upgrade

The upgrade to the Eye Cam Pro gives you 4K30 video quality instead of the 1080p30 video quality of the standard Eye Cam ProAm.

ProX Upgrade

The upgrade to the Eye Cam ProX gives you 4K30 video quality instead of the 1080p30 video quality of the standard Eye Cam ProAm. The ProX also includes a system to change lenses and filters. Included is a wide angle lens, a narrow angle lens for shooting at around 2x zoom, a daylight filter and a near-infrared NIR filter. This enables you to shoot both wide and narrow angle at either daylight or NIR light.

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Automatic Cargo Drop Door Module

The automatic cargo drop door module can (easily) replace the bottom plate of the cargo compartment and allows for the drop of cargo in mid-flight.

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Extra Thruster Propeller Set
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Extra Wing Set
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Extra VTOL Rotor Set
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Extra Battery
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Extra Tail Set
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Carry Case

The carry case can be used to transport SkyProwler, including upgrades and some extras. The precise design and appearance of the case may vary from the picture shown here.

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Partial Payments

We offer you the possibility of partial payments, useful for example if your credit card company imposes a daily limit on your purchases. Please let us know during check out what the partial payment is for and please note that your order is not complete until the full amount due has been received by us. If you make partial payments, please ensure to include the correct shipping cost in one of them so that shipping costs are covered for the overall package. Please note that your shipping date is determined by your final payment, completing the required amount, not by your first payment. Thank you!




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Awesome Performance, Great Value  

SkyProwler is a Professional-Grade High-Performance Multi-Mission Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Transformer UAV/Drone. It takes off like a multicopter, picks up speed using its high-powered thrusters, and then transitions to cruise flight on its high-speed wings. The multirotor take-off mechanism folds away in-flight giving SkyProwler super efficient aerodynamics and hence speed, endurance and range far better than pure copters and on-par with pure airplanes.

But that is not all. Some missions require maximum hover time and tight turns in addition to great bursts of speed. Think of filming a car approaching a stopping point, and then going off again, think of filming pets and other animals running around, think of sports! No problem! Reconfigure SkyProwler without tools, by taking the wings off and changing the tail, or fly without tail, and what was the winged SkyProwler "Blade" configuration, becomes the wingless "Hornet" configuration. Hornet is a multi-copter so fast and agile that you can do things with it you can do with no other multicopter.  

Paired with an optional ground station radio that gives you not 2 but 4 channels per stick, Eye, the world's first aerial action cam with 3D integrated gimbal stabilization (igs) and video quality from 1080p30 up to an optional 4K30 upgrade, an enormously generous cargo compartment that can be also be used to carry additional battery power, and you have a package so powerful, other aerial vehicles will get scared - except perhaps the F-22 Raptor.

The Eye Cam ProX upgrade allows for flexible optics, NIR and daylight vision in both wide and narrow angle. The automatic cargo drop door module can replace the bottom plate of the cargo compartment and allows for the drop of cargo in mid-flight.

SkyProwler is controlled by very powerful 32 bit flight control hardware (based on the Pixhawk project) and made from materials found in full-sized aircraft, such as composites, carbon fiber, 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum and titanium. Flight control and ground control software allow for missions from fully manual all the way up to fully autonomous flight and even the changing of autonomous missions while already flying.

Please note that all on-board video shown on this website has been shot with the 2D stabilized version of the Eye Cam. Your pre-ordered SkyProwler will ship with the 3D stabilized Eye Cam.


Why SkyProwler?


1. Unparalleled flight performance

Just like common multirotor drones SkyProwler can take off and land from virtually anywhere. After transition to forward flight the multirotor take-off mechanism folds away in-flight (patent-pending switchblade transformation) transforming SkyProwler into a slick aircraft with super efficient aerodynamics and hence speed endurance and range far better than pure copters and on-par with pure airplanes. SkyProwler can fly around twice as long as multicopoters, on the same battery charge. SkyProwler is also much faster than multicopters. Longer duration and higher speed multiply into far longer range.

2. Multi-mission adaptability

You can fly SkyProwler as a high-speed VTOL airplane (the Blade), ideal for long range, high-speed and long duration flights, or as a pure multicopter with thrusters (the Hornet), ideal for missions with maximum hover time, tight turns, and lots of acceleration and stop and go. You can make the reconfiguration in the field without tools, just take the wings off and change the tail. 

3. Eyecam™ with integrated gimbal stabilization (igs)

The Eyecam has been designed to maintain aerodynamic profile of SkyProwler. Its round shape and position at the front of the aircraft mean that wherever you point it at, your aircraft is just as aerodynamically efficient as before. There is no interference of the propellers, they are neither directly visible, nor do they throw chopped shadows onto the camera when they intersect the sunlight from above. Eye comes in two editions, the ProAm 1080p30igs capable of shooting 1080 HD video at 30 frames per second and the optional upgrade Pro 4K30igs which can shoot ultra-high definition 4K video at 30 frames per second. They can beam video data down to you while at the same time recording it on their on-board micro-SD card. 

4. Spacious cargo compartment

SkyProwler can carry around 500g/1.1lb of payload and has a cargo compartment that can carry items as large as a soda can. You can use it to transport and deliver cargo, additional electronics and sensor packages, or, additional battery power for longer flight times. 

5. Equipped for autonomous missions  

SkyProwler is controlled by powerful 32 bit hardware based on the PixHawk project. It is fully compatible with highly developed open-source flight control firmware. It also allows for full ground-based mission planning and fully autonomous missions via the ground control software (based on the open source Mission Planner software), including the flying along GPS waypoints, the snapping of images at certain GPS coordinates, mapping and surveys, geo-fencing and GPS auto-follow.

6. Safety features

SkyProwler's flight controller is programmed with a host of safety features that help pilots avoid trouble. The most important is the auto-return to home function. Press a panic button on the radio ground station, fly SkyProwler out of range or get low on battery and SkyProwler rises up to 100m/300ft (default values can be changed) to avoid obstacles on the way back home, and then flies home.


Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) enables aircraft to operate from virtually any environment. No runway is required. This opens up flying to a much larger range of possible terrains, from backyards and rough fields, over snow-covered mountains and sandy beaches, to a boat on the sea.  

The problem with traditional VTOL machines such as helicopters and more recently multirotors is that they are slow and inefficient. This is because such machines always have to actively work to stay in the air, in addition to pushing themselves forward. The energy it takes to spin the rotors that keeps rotorcraft in the air DOES NOT generate any forward motion, additional energy has to be expended to get a rotorcraft to move forward. In a winged airplane on the other hand, the energy expended to move the wings through the air to generate lift, at the same time DOES also generate forward motion. Also, large rotors standing in the oncoming wind of a moving aircraft are very detrimental to aerodynamics and hence speed, endurance and range. In summary, winged aircraft can typically fly twice as fast as rotorcraft, stay in the air twice as long and have a range that can reach 4 times that of rotorcraft on the same amount of fuel/energy. Winged air travel can be just as energy efficient as travel by car, but it is up to 8 times faster! 

Combining VTOL and winged flight is a fairly obvious theoretical idea. However, in order for this to make sense, the resulting vehicle must offer the best of both rotor-powered VTOL and winged flight, not a compromise. This is where the switchblade transformation mechanism comes in.


Switchblade Transformation Mechanism 

The patent-pending switchblade transformation mechanism transforms SkyProwler from a multirotor craft with big, slowly moving rotors, excellent at VTOL and hover, into a pure, sleek and aerodynamic airplane excellent at fast and efficient cruise flight. 

How does this compare to other VTOL mechanisms? You can find a more detailed discussion here: 

Briefly: The most well known VTOL mechanism for winged aircraft is the tiltrotor mechanism by which the propellers of an aircraft are tilted from vertical for take-off and landing, to horizontal for cruise flight. The issue with this is the following: VTOL works best with big rotors, in fact the larger the rotor, the less power it takes to lift a weight. Tiltrotor airplane propellers are typically larger than 'normal' propellers, but they are much smaller than those of say a pure VTOL craft, such as a helicopter. What this means is that tiltrotors can typically only lift 4 to 5 lbs (around 2kg) per horse power, while craft with more rotor area, can lift 10 to 12 lbs (around 5kg) per hp. This means bigger (and heavier) engines, more noise, faster down wash (down wash is the wind that blows in your face when for example a helicopter takes off). In cruise flight on the other hand, small propellers/rotors are best, because they offer the oncoming air less area to drag on. In effect, small fast spinning propellers are like 6th gear on a car - a lot of speed, but low torque. Big, slowly spinning rotors are like 1st gear on a car, little speed, but lots of torque. A tilt-rotor by analogy is hence not dissimilar from a car always driving in third gear. It works, but it burns more gas, is not as fast, and gets going more slowly. 

For a more in-depth discussion of how different propellers/rotors suit different purposes please click here: The other existing mechanism employed for VTOL is called thrust-vectoring, and is used on jet aircraft such as the Harrier and the F-35. These aircraft are strictly built for awesome speed. As a side effect of that their engines are so powerful that it is possible to direct their jet thrust downwards in order to push the aircraft straight up for a vertical take-off. The problem: the effective lift area of the small nozzles and fans that direct the jet thrust is very small. Using the car analogy, these aircraft take-off in 6th gear. And so because of this all the 20,000 hp (or so) are needed to lift 40,000 lbs of aircraft straight up. The resulting noise is ear-deafening, it literally burns a ton of jet fuel, down-wash velocities reach 350 mph (550kph) and the down wash can be so hot that it can melt the concrete off the air strip from which they take off 

To summarize the car analogy employed for different VTOL craft:

  • Helicopters and multicopters always fly in '1st gear' 
  • Tiltrotors always fly in '3rd gear' 
  • Thrustvector systems always fly in '6th gear' 
  • SkyProwler (switchblade transformation mechanism) takes off and lands in '1st gear' and cruises in '6th gear'



  • "Sending a drone out to recon an active wildland fire is highly preferably to sending out one of a very few volunteers to do the same task, when we've got to put a fire out before it gets away from us and endangers everyone in the area." - JA
  • " I use my various UAS platforms for shooting stills and video that gets used by ACE and the parks. Aerial footage in Disneyland of the Matterhorn ride" - AH
  • "I am working in agricultural mapping, so this uav seems to be perfect to this task since this UAV can do vertical take off and can cover vast range of area." - FO
  • "I may be interested in this concept for use in emergency response, especially in the field of search and rescue, and post-disaster scene survey. " - CJ
  • " I'm a shark biologist who's interested in seeing if a product like the SkyProwler could be used as an early warning system to detect sharks at beaches. " - W


Technical Explanations

The radio ground station is the first connection between you and SkyProwler, and perhaps the most important one. It is a device that you hold in your hand to send commands to SkyProwler. Typically these include steering and throttle commands, i.e. where and how fast SkyProwler should fly. You send these commands simply by moving two little joysticks, by twisting knobs or pressing buttons. The data is then beamed up to SkyProwler via a very robust channel switching 2.4 Ghz link (the same frequency our wireless internet runs on, but more secure and with far less errors). You can also use radio ground station to control and trigger the Eye aerial action cam. SkyProwler receives your commands via a receiver, which is paired with the radio ground station for a secure and error free connection.

The flight controller and its flight control firmware constitute a small computer on board of SkyProwler. It works like a bigger computer such as a laptop, but instead of running a spreadsheet or a video game it instead uses its computing power to control your aircraft. It interprets the commands you send to SkyProwler (it is connected to the receiver) into the actual physical movements of control surfaces or the changing of the rpm of the motors. The flight controller has sensors telling it how SkyProwler moves and uses this information for automatic flight stabilization. The flight controller can also react to panic commands, or the loss of radio signal or when the battery gets low. SkyProwler is controlled by a Pixhawk-based 32 bit flight controller, which is very powerful. It is faster, has more memory, has a back-up CPU and will hence stay relevant for much longer than most other commercially available controllers in the market.

The ground control software suite is software that you run on a computer, such as a laptop. It vastly enhances what you can with SkyProwler and the radio ground station. By connecting the ground control software directly to the flight controller you can easily pre-program autonomous or semi-autonomous missions. A typical example is the flying along GPS waypoints, i.e. flying a certain flight path marked out by GPS coordinates. Start the software, connect SkyProwler to your computer, set waypoints and other parameters, save the mission, and SkyProwler is ready to go. Via the telemetry radio provided with some of the reward packages, you can even change missions while SkyProwler is already in the air, even flying SkyProwler with a computer becomes possible.

Telemetry radios are the second connection between you and SkyPrower. They are small, relatively low frequency (433 or 915 Mhz) radio pairs, one of which connects to SkyProwler's  flight controller, the other to your computer or mobile phone. These radios allow for the change of missions on the fly and the following of a GPS target if the device into which you plug the telemetry radio has GPS, e.g. a mobile phone or a laptop computer with GPS dongle.

The video downlink of is the third connection between you and SkyProwler. It sends video signals from SkyProwler's camera to your radio ground station. The video downlink operates on the 5.8 Ghz frequency band.

The on-screen display (OSD) is a small electronic device on board your aircraft. It feeds signals into the video downlink. In this way you are able, for example, to keep track of the battery voltage while looking at your video screen. Note: the OSD data does NOT imprint on the video data your camera records on board on its micro-SD card.

The GPS module plugs into the flight controller enabling SkyProwler to locate itself. This is imperative on any mission involving GPS waypoints or GPS follow.

Speed controllers and control surfaces are the physical means by which SkyProwler controls its flight. Speed controllers enable it to rapidly change the rpm on the brushless motors that drive its rotors. Should a gust of wind blow it to left, for example, then the flight controller senses this motion, and corrects it immediately by sending commands to the speed controllers for the motors on the left hand side to speed up. The motors speed up, the rotors generate more lift, and SkyProwler stabilizes. This mechanism works in hover, slow and fast flight. Control surfaces are the second means by which SkyProwler controls its flight. They are flaps that are attached/inset into the the tail and/or wings of SkyProwler (and any other winged aircraft). They only work when there is air flowing over them, i.e when SkyProwler has real airspeed. Moving flight control surfaces re-directs the air that is flowing over the wing or the tail, generating forces. These forces then act upon the aircraft and change its pitch, roll or yaw. Flight control surfaces are moved by servo mechanisms. Servos are small boxes with gears and a motor in them, with a little lever at the top. This lever moves a rod attached to the flight control surface and thereby moves it. The servos are plugged into the flight controller which, as the brain so to speak, controls them. Both the speed controllers and the flight control surfaces are used to stabilize and to steer SkyProwler. Stabilization is automatically taken care of. Steering is either via your inputs (manual flight), e.g. via the radio ground station, the telemetry radio or via the various auto-pilot functions.


Terms and Conditions

  1. PRE-SALE: All items currently available in this store are pre-sale items, meaning they are not immediately available to be shipped to you because they fits have to be custom built. Current orders, placed today, are sent out within an estimated approximate 2 to 4 week time frame, depending on the camera option selected.
  2. DELIVERY: Pre-sale and pre-order means that you are paying now for a product that will NOT be immediately shipped. We will custom-build your pre-ordered aircraft for you and then ship it out to you at a later point in time, as indicated in the previous point. Although we make every effort to deliver as fast as possible, because your SkyProwler is a not yet existing product that is built according to your pre-order, the shipment dates given here are estimates and ARE NOT GUARANTEED. If we cannot send out your order at all then a refund of the purchase price is your sole remedy. You are responsible for keeping us updated in case your delivery address has changed. Once tracking information has been issued to you, you are responsible for tracking the package and alerting us should problems arise. We will attempt our best to assist in such a case, but after the package has been handed over to the shipping company it is considered delivered. Please keep tracking the package, immediately take action if there seems to be a problem, and make sure someone is available to receive it. Please note that we may ship to you in several packages and that there could be a significant time difference between the first and the final shipment.
  3. COOLING-OFF AND RETURNS: You have a cooling-off period of 14 days after your payment, during which we will refund your payment at your request. After this point we will have started building your SkyProwler aircraft and after a pre-order cancellation from your side only a partial refund will be possible. The size of this partial refund is at our discretion. Typically we will have to at least cover material cost, cost of equipment use, rents, wages, logistics and other cost that are/were related to your pre-order, as determined by us. Once your pre-order or order has been shipped out, even if it is only a partial shipment, we do not accept returns.
  4. FEES: Your bank may charge you currency conversion fees/margins even for a refunded transaction. We are not responsible for such costs. You are solely responsible for any taxes, tariffs, duties or fees upon receiving your items.
  5. DESIGN & SPECS: The precise design, layout, specifications and performance of the final product (version 6.0) delivered to you, including software and firmware, may differ from the images and videos displayed here and on other pages such as and Videos and pictures on those and other websites are typically showing versions 3.0 to 5.0.
  6. PARTIAL PAYMENTS: We enable you to make partial payments toward a purchase, this can be useful if your credit card company is limiting your daily purchase limits. If you are using partial payments, then please let us know by using the form during checkout, or by emailing us at info [ at ] krossblade dot com. Your purchase is not complete before the fully due amount has been received by us. The applicable pre-order batch for your purchase will be determined by your final payment, NOT your first payment.
  7. WARRANTY: We offer you a limited dead-on-arrival (DOA) warranty for SkyProwler. Should SkyProwler be DOA then you can ship SkyProwler back to us. We will investigate and if DOA is confirmed by us, we will then ship the repaired or a new unit to you as soon as possible. DOA means that an unused SkyProwler taken out of the box by the customer, does not function at all. The DOA warranty specifically excludes tampering with SkyProwler, as well as handling SkyProwler improperly and not in accordance with the manual. DOA excludes partial malfunctions. Should there be a partial malfunction, we will attempt to resolve the problem via video conferencing, email or another form of electronic communication. This attempt may involve us shipping parts to you and then guiding you through the repair process. If SkyProwler was damaged in transport then it may be necessary to involve the shipping company to ascertain if the damage was caused due to improper handling during shipping. Damages caused during shipping are your responsibility, although we will attempt to fix issues for you if we can. Returning an aircraft to us for repair does not constitute a return and does not entitle you to a refund. This applies even if you refuse to accept the aircraft shipped back to you from us or if the aircraft otherwise cannot be handed back over to you.
  8. COUPONS & DISCOUNTS: Coupons are valid for purchases including a SkyProwler UAV only.
  9. REFUSAL OF SERVICE: We reserve the right to deny delivery to anyone for any reason, against a full refund.
  10. SHIPPING OPTIONS: You are responsible to please pick the correct shipping option. Should you not, we may have to ask you to make an additional payment to cover shipping before we start building/shipping your SkyProwler. If you have picked a too expensive shipping option, we will of course refund you the difference. You are responsible for local taxes, fees and tariffs. Failure to pick the correct shipping option does not give you the right to cancel your pre-order. We will hold your items until the correct shipping option has been picked and funded.
  11. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: SkyProwler is not a toy but a machine that is capable of traveling in the air at significant velocities. Krossblade Aerospace Systems LLC is not in any way responsible for accidents, damages, loss of business or grievances that may occur while customers use the SkyProwler UAV and any of its upgrades and accessories, whether this involves only the aircraft, or other assets or the operator or other persons. Please consult your country's/state's/city's laws and regulations to ensure that you operate the SkyProwler UAV in accordance with current laws and regulations. Please conduct a pre-flight check of your SkyProwler UAV before take-off. Even a fully intact UAV may malfunction in the air due to radio interference, weather conditions, collisions with obstacles or other aerial vehicles or a number of other factors so it is important that you plan your flight accordingly. You alone are responsible for the safe operation of your SkyProwler UAV.
  12. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: If there is a dispute between you and Krossblade Aerospace Systems LLC(Krossblade) relating to these terms, the sale of the product, the software license, or the warranties applicable to the product and the software and we cannot resolve the dispute informally, you and Krossblade agree to resolve such disputes through final and binding individual arbitration before a single arbitrator, instead of in court. THIS MEANS NEITHER PARTY SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LITIGATE SUCH CLAIMS IN COURT OR TO HAVE A JURY TRIAL. ALSO DISCOVERY AND APPEAL RIGHTS ARE LIMITED IN ARBITRATION. This agreement to arbitrate does not apply to any claims seeking injunctive or other emergency relief and the arbitrator in any such arbitration shall have no power to issue injunctions. This agreement to arbitrate and any arbitration under it are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (“Arbitration Act”). Any arbitration will be conducted under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) and its Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes. This Agreement governs to the extent it conflicts with the AAA’s Commercial Arbitration Rules, the Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes or any other rules of the AAA.
  14. CHOICE OF COURT: Any disputes that are not submitted to arbitration, despite our agreement to arbitrate disputes, including any lawsuits filed to compel arbitration, will be heard only in Delaware.
  15. CHANGES: Terms and Conditions may change without notice.
  16. By placing a pre-order you agree to these terms and conditions.

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